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Unsuccessful MacOS installation?

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  • Eirikr1848
    I keep getting this message too, including when cd'ing to the directory, or untar'ing and trying to run from that directory. Tried changing the script to install to /opt/share/pts/ but that gives "file not found" copy errors.

    Really wanted to test out macOS vs. Linux with old vs new cpu driver performance.

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  • Michael
    Looks like the Homebrew script is broken.... If you cd to the directory where PTS is installed `which phoronix-test-suite` like /usr/bin, and then run the command, it might work.

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  • tildearrow
    Are you sure about installing Phoronix Test Suite from Homebrew?
    It's best to download it from the official website as you get the latest version that way, but if you insist on using Homebrew then I think you should `cd` (change directory) to where Phoronix Test Suite has been installed (must be somewhere in /usr/local/Cellar).

    Oh yeah, apparently there are no builds for macOS, but I hope that cloning the repository should be enough:
    git clone

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  • eventslooped
    started a topic Unsuccessful MacOS installation?

    Unsuccessful MacOS installation?

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to run a few benchmarks, and I installed Phoronix via: brew install phoronix-test-suite
    However, when I try to run any tests or use any commands I keep getting this:
    Screen Shot 2564-12-02 at 22.00.27.png

    what am I doing wrong?