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Can I compare benchmarks locally ?

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  • Can I compare benchmarks locally ?


    I would like to compare two (or more) benchmarks results locally (without uploading them to OpenBenchmarking).

    Is there any way to do that within phoronix test suite (or phoromatic) or does I have to do it manually (by creating a script for example) ?


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    Answering to myself: it seems that we actually CAN compare benchmark results locally.

    When you click on two benchmarks in the "Results" page, I'm getting a connection timeout, so I was wrongly/stupidly assuming that Phoromatic was trying to access OpenBenchmarking to compare results.
    But it's actually not the case, it only seems that I have an issue with my setup, most likely with the websocket part.

    The funny thing is that the public.php web page is able to compare results at the same time.

    Anyway, the issue looks on my side/setup, sorry for the noise.


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      My last comment is wrong...

      When you try to compare two results through the /?result page, phoromatic actually do request on (port 80), despite having NoInternetCommunication set to True...
      So it seems like the /result page cannot compare locally, you have to use the public.php web page to do so.

      Feels kind of weird to me.