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Stress tests without test's results

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  • Stress tests without test's results

    Hi all, I'm a newbie with the Phoronix test suite, I read all documentation but I don't find which I'm looking for.

    I need to test a system with a multi-process workload, for example, I want to understand how a system performs with PHP when the system is stressed with multiple PHP tests, for example using all CPUs for 10 minutes with some PHP scripts in concurrency.

    I can't find a solution, I have found the Phoronix stress option but it does not produce the results of the PHP test.

    I suppose that one single-thread PHP bench test is too optimistic (or semplicistic) to identify the real potential of multicore\multithread CPU, how I can do this? It is out of the Phoronix test suite scope?

    Thank you!

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    phoronix-test-suite stress-run sounds like what you want but no results are saved aside from what is outputted to the terminal due to many variables at play making it likely inaccurate to save any single 'result' from it.
    Michael Larabel