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  • Phoromatic Client System ID

    How do you change the client "system ID"

    I have cloned a desktop using Centos 7, I have given them both unique IP Addresses, changed the hostnames, generated a new /etc/machine-id etc. both machines can talk to each other and operate normally together.

    when I run phoromatic.connect I can get both machines to claim to be in an idle state, however, when looking at the systems/dashboard I can only see 1 host connected.

    when I look at the system state it gives me a "System ID" and MAC address and other information

    if I only start phoromatic.connect on 1 host the "system ID" and MAC address match the host that is connected
    if I stop the first host and start phoromatic.connect on the other host the MAC Address changes to match the new host that is connected as does the hostname. but the "System ID" stays the same.

    I assume the "System ID" is where the dashboard sorts out its list of connected hosts and as both hosts have the same "System ID" they are both showing up as a single host. I have spent days looking at where I can change this, within the OS and within phoromatic.

    without reinstalling phoromatic is there a method for changing this "System ID"

    any help is much appreciated.


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    Hi! Just remove core.pt2so file in /var/lib/phoronix-test-suite directory on your client, then run phoronix-test-suite and it will create new file with new ID, thats worked for me.