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Disk/SSD (sata concurency testing)

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  • Disk/SSD (sata concurency testing)

    I have multiple hard disks with 2 x 1TB identical WD brand.
    Using an M.2 nvme SSD, I timed a copy to one of the disks -- around 2 minutes elapsed
    I setup the same test to concurrently copy (two commands launched at the same time to each disk.
    One would expect that without disk contention, the times should be around under 2 minutes 30 seconds together.
    In fact the times were additive (4.5 minutes).
    My environment: 8 core cpu 16 gigs ram, 2700x cpu and x470-prime-pro motherboard. Fedora34

    Should Motherboards support concurrent transfer of files between to two different sata ports to two different disks?