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Linux Benchmarking: As Easy As Dragging and Dropping

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  • Linux Benchmarking: As Easy As Dragging and Dropping

    Phoronix: Linux Benchmarking: As Easy As Dragging and Dropping

    Next month at Phoronix Media we will be introducing version 1.8 of the Phoronix Test Suite. Among a horde of new features, new test profiles, bug-fixes, and much more, there is a Phoronix Test Suite GUI (updated screenshots)...

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    Wow, great job - Michael and others at Phoronix working on this project. I am using Phoronix-Test-Suite 1.8a3 and I love it! I am enjoying so much being able to compare my system to newer systems and see what good upgrade paths would be. I feel like I am using a tool better than 3dmark. Phoronix Global and comparing different systems is so easy to use. Now with the drag and drop feature - which I find fascinating (even though the video didn't appear to work) - things will be even easier.

    I would just like to thank you guys a lot. This is such a great system you have set up, and a GUI makes it so much sweeter (though I will probably continue with the terminal way until the GUI is a little more stable).


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      There is a little nasty voice in the back of my mind wispering "SVG..."

      Well good job, you may add more features to allow feeding back the results of the local benchmark to the online source, so "benchcharts" can be carried together easily. This may even be useful for developers to get new software-releases tested quickly on a wide range of systems, based on massive distributed benchmarking.