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Basic starter benchmark tests for drive IO, cpu, gpu ram as reference...

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  • Basic starter benchmark tests for drive IO, cpu, gpu ram as reference...

    Hi all,
    Thanks tons for all you guys do out here, great reading at least from my very basic hobbyist opinion. <thumbs up>

    Been doing a bit of tinkering and found some great stuff here but in most cases all I would like is a basic set of single tests that I can run to just establish a baseline for the PC's I and my family/couple of friends are using. What I am after is to be able to look at these on a monthly or quarterly basis and see if anything is changing performance-wise when my wife, kids mother-in-law etc start complaining things are running slow on their machines. I don't need anything super exceptional and am not doing any real over-clocking. Just a few tests that each would run in less than a couple minutes to give me some basic statistics and if things seem weird or I have a specific one I think I should address later I can run something more substantial in a different phoronix test/suite.

    I did look at the sticky started by Mendieta and it looked promising at first but it got into lots more than I really want (and in some cases understand). Honestly I would just like to run some tests in the background overnight (scripted) that I could grab later and not interrupt them using their computers or have to go to their house and work on them until I get all the info I want. So far all I can find are tests that either have a UI that tends to be disruptive or that don't really give me what I want as far as scripting/background functionality. Phoronix seems to be the closest to what I want from a stand point of scriptable, quiet, in the background stats.

    That all being said can anyone point me to simple phoronix tests that benchmark/test CPU/GPU/Drive IO/Mem etc on computers that are not high end, over-clocked computers. Just basic school and business computers? already tried winsat but its too basic.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Is it bad to bump this? I am hoping someone can help. Really like this suite and just need a jump start to head me in the right direction.

    thanks tons,