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Request to delete results at Openbenchmarking

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  • Request to delete results at Openbenchmarking

    Hello there!

    I uploaded a few test back in April to, without an account. Unfortunately one of them has a wrong title and I'd like to organize my test results without left any garbage on the servers.
    As I didn't find any information about assign tests to an account and I want to change the titles for one of the recent, and my only older test.
    Is there any way to delete the following tests?
    Btw this could be an option if you have so much requests like this to authenticate the client installations somehow with a token to the uploaded tests.


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    Curiously, I've a similar request -- deletion of incomparable benchmark results.

    Basically, pts/build-clash-1.0.0 had a 3x runs baked into it by default, which makes it incomparable with results from pts/build-clash-1.0.1.

    So I'd like to request deletion of 1.0.0 results, if possible.


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      I want to delete my results too. I have accidentally broken a benchmark and uploaded incorrect results.