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  • squinonescolon
    Same here. I had to try with another email, got the registration email this time. I tried to change the password to a strong one. Logged out and for some reason the new password would not work. Got the system to reset my password, and when I click the link to reset password it says that I need to be logged in. I've never had so much trouble trying to use a website. I still can't use it. Also have no idea how to compare tests and how to upload, since I can't get in the website!

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  • aazard
    I am having the same issue ivlcic I am going to try with ProtonMail and Disroot, This will let us see if the issue is that we use "gmail" or that the API/Webapp that is giving out ID's is down or in some other issue.

    I find it odd that I'm the first reply, and a new user also, to answer you in 24 days...... ummm MODS or ADMINS or FORUM LURKERS... please help us.

    I would hazard a guess a more in-depth or "newb" friendly, Widows 10 How Too doc, running the initial (from unzipped "phoronix-test-suite" folder on root of drive) : install.bat & phoronix-test-suite.bat (via cmd, as admin) got "cygwin64" installed (also to root of drive). BUT here was issues...

    Launching the "shell" wasnt hard, "interactive" seemed the way to go (and reading says it was), but then getting a PHP setup was poorly explained in the doc (just mentioned, in my mind). I was able to install PHP (v7), open sockets and sqlite3 with some difficulty and reading.

    Launching "phoronix-test-suite start-phoromatic-server" command, I saw everything seemlying go ok, got a random port for localhost, but broswer DID NOT open and I cant manually sure to page.

    At this point I need a english video or more clearly written doc for a new windows user, with very limited linux/cygwin64 experience on top, to get it all setup and running under windows 10,.


    Am I missing a doc better than "phoronix-test-suite-windows.html" one????


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  • Unable to complete registration on

    Hi, all
    If this is not the right place to ask this I apologize in advance.
    I'm unable to complete registration on since I didn't get any confirmation mail after account creation.
    My email is hosted by google gmail.

    Does anybody know to who should I turn to for help?
    Resend confirmation mail feature would also be greatly appreciated.