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  • The New Is Launching Soon

    Phoronix: The New Is Launching Soon

    Set to be formally introduced next quarter alongside Phoronix Test Suite 10.0 is the long-overdue overhaul of -- the biggest upgrade to our public "cloud" platform for benchmark aggregation and result analytics since its debut nearly one decade ago. Before then, a public beta of should get underway in the next few weeks while here is an early look at some of the changes...

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    Ok this is my opinion. I realize that not everybody may agree.

    I think the design looks like crap compared to the existing design. Background colors make things a bit more organized and grouped together instead of having all more or less the same color. What IS better is that the new look s a bit more space optimized it seems, so my suggestion is - keep that and bring back the background colors.

    That being said I don't use so you may be better off ignoring my comments


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      Michael why is there a typo?

      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      For new test profiles or those unpopular or from the community without much attention yet, the analytics engine will present a histrogram of the significant results collected so far until there is enough significant data built up for providing the nice breakdown.
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        Now, let me speak myself.

        Short version: Indeed, roughly the same thing waxhead said before.

        Long version: What is this "white background" trend? Do you want us blind?
        Honestly, it looks like it is missing something... It is hard to tell where the top and side panels are. The design resembles but on paper.

        Did somebody tell you to get rid of the background? I kind of feel some big possibly-evil corporation is behind this :<

        The combo box is unskinned, therefore it inherits the 1990's bezel design .-. (should not be a problem in Chrome though)

        I am glad that you did not insert too much air though, unlike modern websites nowadays. Great space utilization.

        So, it's mostly about the background color. I would appreciate to hear a rationale on trashing the background color.

        (P. S. same for the PTS test results... like why so much white?)
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          Originally posted by waxhead View Post
          That being said I don't use so you may be better off ignoring my comments
          ....until Phoronix gets a redesign. Then it's gonna get real bad.


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            Current site is busted in a few places eg;


            And is a collection of "result data", but IMO not a tool for "efficiently comparing multiple test result" eg;
            if I want to see an OS speed comparison (maybe some benchmarks on ubuntu vs windows on the same hardware)
            I click on "Subsystems > Operating Systems" and there is some counter intuitive search icon that fails to do anything,
            and clinking on "Most Popular This Month > Ubuntu 20.04" lists some random data which can't be further filtered.
            Or if I search for "kernel 5.4" it states "No test profile found." or unrelated results without quotes.

            So basically whenever I want to compare software or hardware I don't visit because I can't figure out how to use it.
            Instead I google it and end op on or some other site.

            As for others complaining about the style it's fine though a invert/dark mode would would be nice, if the new site turns out to be functional for me.
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              Originally posted by elatllat View Post
              Current site is busted in a few places eg;

              The entire "showdown" area is replaced and rewritten by the new code paths shown in this article on the test profile and search results page.

              That "showdown" area and some of the other areas hadn't been touched since originally writing it in 10 years so fell broken/abandoned in some places with time as well as having to disable some functionality on the current site due to over consuming of server resources. Fortunately, the new analytics engine does much more work offline and caches that to be more efficient on the webserver.
              Michael Larabel


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                Michael I am just going to assume that the reason for having no background anymore is a trade secret...


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                  Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
                  Michael I am just going to assume that the reason for having no background anymore is a trade secret...
                  More like just hating UI design and still experimenting...
                  Michael Larabel


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                    For those not liking the white, will look at adding a dark mode option.
                    Michael Larabel