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Multiple tests quiting with non-zero exit status

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  • Multiple tests quiting with non-zero exit status


    I am new to both Phoronix and to mac, so I might have done something wrong on set up, but there are tests that I can run just fine, so that might not be the case. However, with many tests I get a message 'The test quit with a non-zero exit status.'

    For example phoronix-test-suite run java-gradle-perf gives me that message and also adds java.lang.AssertionError. However I have a loads of tests that also do not work...firefox compilation, different builders, like build-php and build-apache, mp3 encoder etc. I have only gotten an handful of tests to work.

    Sorry if this is a really basic problem.

    All the best,

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    I am having this issue with rbenchmark & node-express-loadtest, does anyone know how to find the logs for tests after they run? i assume there is more data in the logs?


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      Tass: So far i have fixed rbenchmark and a number of other tests by finding dependencies that are not checked for.

      to get rbenchmark working I had to install R on my system
      to get pyperformance to work I had to install python3 on my system

      build apache worked for me out of the box so sorry i can't help you with that one