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  • benchmark indexes incomplete?

    Good day, everyone!

    After the recent huge batch of i9-10900K tests was published, I eagerly went to, looking for totals of the benchmarks that were listed in the news item -- only to discover that those particular benchmarks I was interested in don't have the 10900K results:


    I have sort of expected these indices to be populated automatically -- so are my expectations wrong, or is this some sort of a bug?

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    The "showdown" pages you are referring to are composites based upon a lot of collected data (I don't recall the number offhand, much of that OB code hasn't been touched now in nearly 10 years). Only after many submissions for a given CPU will you then see it listed, in trying to provide some accuracy to the results especially those from the community. Thus in the coming weeks you should see the 10900K listed on more of those pages after I and others in the community continue benchmarking those new CPUs.

    I am in the process of starting a major rewrite of the code that vastly improves the search and overview results, including more easily pulling in new CPUs known to be of quality testing... That new version will hopefully be launching later in the summer as a huge advancement over what currently is shown there.
    Michael Larabel


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      Thanks for the explanation!

      ..and, good luck with that rewrite, Michael, that's tough business for any piece of non-trivial software that survived this long..