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  • I Want to See This Test!

    Instead of Shmoobuntu (GNOME) give me the following results:

    KDE Neon (what did they do that their distro is sooooo fast?!!) vs Sabayon KDE DAILY (daily and update it via entropy not portage) vs Manjaro KDE 20.x (slow as fuck) vs Kubuntu 20.04 vs Shitware 10. vs Debian KDE 10.4 updated.

    I bet this will be interesting results!!!!!

    PS. Instead of (lib)jpeg(turbo) use libwebp (and qt5imageformats) and instead of mp3(lame) use opus. Shitware 10 has its own framworks/libraries, so it would be interesting how they compare with libre software versions.

    PS. 2. AND STOP running databases and root on ext4. To level the plain field with Shitware 10 use f2fs on root and home (databases) and tell us if you used "conistency check on f2fs". For f.... sake!!!

    PS. 3. AND ONE MORE THING: mq-deadline or genuine linaro patches (BFQ).

    Linux based distros give you control (Shitware is "as is"). Thats why you when testing HAVE TO adjust parameters for distro to run test (scheduler, file system etc!, not use plain vanilla, if we wanted no control over our systems/computers we would use Shitware 10!)
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