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  • Phoromatic Server Issue


    I'm evaluating phoronix on Windows 10 and I'm facing some issues. When I type command "start-phoromatic-server" from the shell, this is what I get :

    Shell :

    $ phoronix-test-suite start-phoromatic-server
    Port 8047 chosen as random port for this instance. Change the default port via the Phoronix Test Suite user configuration file.
    Phoronix Test Suite v9.4.0m2 (Vestby) starting Phoromatic Server
    Phoronix Test Suite User-Data Directory Path: C:\Users\hxxxxx\.phoronix-test-suite\
    Phoronix Test Suite Configuration File: C:\Users\hxxxxx\.phoronix-test-suite\user-config.xml
    Phoromatic Server Log File: C:\Users\hxxxxxxt\.phoronix-test-suite\phoromatic.log

    Launching with PHP built-in web server.
    CPU Usage (Summary): 5.00 % GPU Usage: 2 % Memory Usage: 6059 MB System Uptime 9

    Phoronix Test Suite command to run or help for all possible options, commands for a quick overview of options, interactive for a guided experience, system-info to view system hardware/software information, exit to exit. For new users, benchmark is the simplest and most important sub-command. Tab auto-completion support available.

    $ phoronix-test-suite

    Log File :

    [Feb 24 14:21:15 2020] Phoronix Test Suite v9.4.0m2 (Vestby) starting Phoromatic Server on
    [Feb 24 14:21:15 2020] PTS_USER_PATH = C:\Users\xxxxx\.phoronix-test-suite\
    [Feb 24 14:21:15 2020] PTS_DOWNLOAD_CACHE_PATH = C:\Users\xxxxx\.phoronix-test-suite\download-cache/
    [Feb 24 14:21:15 2020] XML Configuration File = C:\Users\xxxxxx\.phoronix-test-suite\user-config.xml
    [Feb 24 14:21:15 2020] Starting WebSocket process on port 8737
    [Feb 24 14:21:15 2020] Starting HTTP process @ http://localhost:8047

    But when I go on a web browser and try to access the web address,
    http://localhost:8047 or http://localhost:8737. I cannot access the page. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong ? I'm new to using phoronix.

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    I would recommend running the Phoromatic Server from a Linux system. The Phoronix Test Suite on Windows works fine itself and can also function fine as a Phoromatic client, but the vast majority of Phoromatic Server deployments are on Linux.

    The Phoromatic Server for Windows could be made to work with some minor tweaking and why it hasn't been disabled on Windows for that option, but at the time haven't the resources to work on that until any enterprise customer/sponsor is able to assist but so far they all are doing Linux deployments of the Phoromatic Server, so in the future the option might be removed depending upon resources.
    Michael Larabel