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Starting Phoronix Server on a Windows

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  • Starting Phoronix Server on a Windows

    Hi There

    Is there a detailed guide on how to configure the user-config.xml file? I am very new to PTS and I am trying to get the server process running on a Windows system.

    I have managed to get to a point where the start-phoromatic-server doesn't produce any errors, but it doesn't seem to do anything either, I am not sure exactly what to expect to be honest, is it supposed to fire up a web browser interface automatically? See the output below, is this what I should expect to see? Is it not supposed to fire off a GUI of some sort at this point?

    c:\phoronix-test-suite>phoronix-test-suite start-phoromatic-server

    Phoronix Test Suite v9.2.0 (Hurdal) starting Phoromatic Server
    Phoronix Test Suite User-Data Directory Path: C:\Users\ccs-nsit-hpsim\.phoronix-test-suite\
    Phoronix Test Suite Configuration File: C:\Users\ccs-nsit-hpsim\.phoronix-test-suite\user-config.xml
    Phoromatic Server Log File: C:\Users\ccs-nsit-hpsim\.phoronix-test-suite\phoromatic.log

    Launching with PHP built-in web server.




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    Do you see in the message anywhere on startup a port number? If you do not assign one it will randomly generate one. On Ubuntu, I use the IP assigned to the machine or http://localhost:xxxx in a web browser to access the Web GUI.


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      user-config.xml in this file (at least for linux) the entries that say random when assigning a port is where you would start to assign a static port for all of them and there are 3 of them in the linux flavor config.