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  • Status of Windows Testing

    Hey all, new to PTS. I've been playing with it on Manjaro with a good deal of success but I'm having some issues with the Windows version. A few questions.

    1. Test's on Windows/Linux aren't at parity. I assume some of the scripting that goes into a "test" is unique to the OS? Only being partially familiar with GitHub is there a particular repo where tests live? If I devlope working tests for Windows can I submit them?

    2. CSGO and DOTA 2 doesn't deliver a result on either platform, I just installed them from the list-all-tests results. Is there another way to do it? I see Phoronix posting results with CSGO so it must work in some capacity.


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    1. Yes, for most applications there is some sort of platform-specific scripting... The few exceptions being like some Java tests that can run unmodified in the same manner across platforms. Cygwin is used for running the Bash scripts on Windows to at least make the setup process similar and make it easy to unzip, etc. The test profiles can be seen via : and pull requests / bugs can be sent there. Though actually the tests themselves aren't housed in Git as for the actual tests, it's basically a clone there, but yes I do honor pull requests from there.

    2. CS:GO and Dota 2 work for me on Windows (and for a fact do work onLinux as of a few days ago). So it should be working on Windows unless there was some Windows Steam change... The test profiles built around Steam games are always a pain in the ass generally speaking due to Steam being a nuisance to reliably script around.
    Michael Larabel