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Preparing Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0 For Release

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  • Preparing Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0 For Release

    Everything appears to be on track for releasing Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0 "Tydal" later this week. The current plans are to push out this major update on Tuesday, the 20th of January. If you are running against Git master for the phoronix-test-suite and are hitting any bugs or have any last minute items, please make them known as soon as possible.

    Since releasing Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0 Beta 3 a week ago, several more changes have wound up in Tydal. Support for "virtual suites" is now enabled, a results overview table has been added to the Adobe PDF generator with the result-file-to-pdf option, improved download cache support, various internal pts-core changes, support for the Pardus Linux distribution, and various changes to the pts_Graph and bilde_renderer components.

    The virtual suites feature allows for suites to be dynamically created in real-time based upon what's requested. For instance, if running "phoronix-test-suite benchmark all", the "all" argument is now a virtual suite and it will build a suite based upon all available tests in the default-benchmark mode. Additionally, if specifying "phoronix-test-suite benchmark processor" or some other hardware sub-system, and there is no suite for it already, it will dynamically create one based upon what's reported by the test profiles. Other virtual suites will come in future releases.

    Through the improvements to bilde_renderer (and specifically the bilde_swf_renderer front-end to rendering Adobe Flash / SWF) in the past few days the SWF support is now stabilized and working quite well. Permitting you have the Ming library installed, the graphs generated in the Flash format are working appropriately with the exception of some text potentially being a few pixels off compared to the SVG or JPG/PNG renderers. The SVG renderer has also been improved thanks to a generic font size calculator being added to bilde_renderer.

    Again, if you have any last minute requests or other problems, please let me know as soon as possible.

    -- Michael

    Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0 (Git)

    - pts-core: Add support for installing and running virtual suites
    - pts-core: Add hardware subsystem and "all" virtual suites
    - pts-core: Provide symlink for Xauthority instead of copy
    - pts-core: Deprecate install-all and force-install-all commands to be replaced by "install all" and "force-install all"
    - pts-core: Add results overview table to result-file-to-pdf generator
    - pts-core: Move graph generating code to pts_generate_graphs()
    - pts-core: Fix for downloading files from remote download-cache directories
    - pts-core: Support preset assignments through pts_run_option_next()
    - pts-core: Setup batch-benchmark, batch-run, default-run, default-benchmark to use option interface with new preset assignment capabilities
    - pts-core: Move all of the command / option handler into pts-core from phoronix-test-suite shell script and add option-command-aliases
    - pts-core: Eliminate use of COMMAND assignment
    - pts-core: Eliminate command descriptor from PTS run option API
    - pts-core: Move list of options on command failure out of phoronix-test-suite and into pts-core
    - pts-core: Fix round to calculation in pts_format_time_string()
    - pts-core: Add SymLinkFilesFromCache option to user-config.xml for linking files from download-cache instead of copy
    - pts-core: Improve GPU detection for some X Server / GPU configurations
    - pts: Documentation updates
    - pts: Resolution fix for smokin-guns test profile
    - pts: Add Pardus external dependencies support
    - pts: Add linux-system test suite
    - pts_Graph: Switch font calculation to using bilde_renderer::soft_text_string_dimensions()
    - pts_Graph: Switch to using new infrastructure in bilde_renderer
    - pts_Graph: Don't print market for tick when display value is 0
    - system_monitor: Fix for handling file extension through bilde_renderer
    - bilde_renderer: Add bilde_renderer::setup_renderer()
    - bilde_renderer: Add internal text/font width and height calculator
    - bilde_swf_renderer: Render rectangles, borders, and right-aligned text correctly
    Michael Larabel