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Sharing installed tests between native and docker PTS

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  • Sharing installed tests between native and docker PTS

    Is there a way to share installed tests between the native PTS and the PTS docker container? Otherwise duplication takes time to download and wastes a lot of disk space.

    I have not found a great solution, but here's what I've tried so far:
    • Sharing the docker volume with native PTS. Make ~/.phoronix-test-suite a symbolic link to the docker volume containing PTS tests. This does not work well since the docker volume is owned by root, so first chmod 777 is needed on the relevant directories. Even then the native PTS does not work well, producing errors when trying to benchmark. I think it expects different directory structure and maybe still runs into permissions issues.
    • Sharing the native PTS tests with the docker container. Bind mount the volume to the docker container with "-v ~/.phoronix-test-suite:/var/lib/phoronix-test-suite:z". This causes permissions problems because the container runs as root and ends up taking ownership of files it modifies in the home directory. Also it changes the selinux context.

    The latter option is the more acceptable one, just requiring chown and restorecon after each PTS container use. Still, painful and not elegant. Is there a better way?