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    Firstly thanks for writing an amazing tool! I am doing some testing on an AMD thread-ripper 2990wx processor and monitoring CPU freq. Phoronix does this very well but when it generates the graphs it puts each thread on its own graph at the end of the test ie 64 graphs for a 2990wx for freq. Is there a way to combine all the CPU freq graphs into one graph showing all 64 threads (different colors maybe)? I also noticed there is no time on the x axis of the graph. If you have any suggestions or could point me to where I can make code changes I would much appreciate it! I have some experience with PHP and I started digging into the github page but I thought I might ask if you can do this with configuration before I start down that path.


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    Hi Jerrion at the moment there isn't an easy way to combine the graphs for e.g. CPUfreq. It would be fairly trivial to do as the graphing code already supports it, just a matter of shifting around a bit of code. If I find the time in the next few days I could try to get to it. Basically in pts-core/modules/system_monitor rather than creating repetitive graph result objects would just need to be adding multiple results to the same object using '$RESULT: $THREAD Thread' format.

    For the second one, the system_monitor code is currently running off a 1 second increment. The displaying of that would happen within pts-core/objects/pts_Graph and within the graph_lines class.
    Michael Larabel


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      Michael Thanks for the info! I will also look into the classes you mentioned. If I get anything meaningful working Ill make sure to post back and make a merge request!

      Thanks, Jerrion


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        Michael I just wanted to check and see if you had time to take a look at combining the graphs for CPU freq. I ended up writing a wrapper in python that keeps track of it and I then generate the graphs outside of the test suite. The graphs are not as nice as the ones you generate though. I looked into the classes you mentioned and I was having trouble finding where exactly I needed to make the change. I can post the python code snippet if anyone is interested.

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