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How to change run circles?

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  • How to change run circles?

    I am a new learner of pts. I hope somebody can help me.
    I noticed that most tests of pts run 3 circles,for example: warsow.
    1. what do I need to do to change the default run circles? For example: change it from 3 to 10?
    2. what do I need to change if I want to run the test all the time until I stop it manually?

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    May I ask what your interest is in running the tests more times?

    Anyways, if you really want to, you just modify phoronix-test-suite/pts/test-profiles/warsow.xml or whatever the name of the test is and inside there should be a <TimesToRun> tag, just change that number from 3 to whatever other integer you want.

    Regarding to have it run infinitely until you stop it, there isn't that feature in there currently. If you can justify why it should be added, I'll gladly implement such a feature.
    Michael Larabel


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      Thank you very much. Michael.

      I am a test engineer. Most of my tests are running under Windows, however, I need to run some tests under Ubuntu in the future. So I'am now learning pts.

      The tests I need to run is like 3DMark, which are used to check the whole performance of a notebook by running couple of hours, not just run couple of circles to get a score.
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        Hi anriqing,

        So when you are running these tests for extended lengths in loops, are you interested in the "score" at all or just ensuring the system is being stressed?
        Michael Larabel


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          Hi, Michael!

          Let me explain to you.

          Sometimes we do care about the "score", you can call it performance test.

          But most of the time we care about if system still runs normally when being stressed over 12 hours. You can call it stress test.

          Another kind of tests we need to do is battery life test. Under Windows platform, we run MobileMark. Under Linux platform, we are planning to run BLTK.

          Thanks to pts, we can run performance test and stress test under Ubuntu now.

          I hope my answer could be helpful.
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            Hi anriging,

            I just committed to the Git repository for the Phoronix Test Suite 1.6 release a FORCE_TIMES_TO_RUN option to allow you to easily change how long you would like to run a test for. You could run say:

            FORCE_TIMES_TO_RUN=100 phoronix-test-suite benchmark doom3 encode-ogg

            and it would run each Doom 3 and Ogg encoding tests for 100 times each through that environmental variable.

            I hadn't looked at BLTK previously, but after looking at some of its code just now, I think the Phoronix Test Suite can handle all of that too

            If you run say:

            MONITOR=all phoronix-test-suite benchmark universe

            The monitor command will use a module that will poll all available system sensors, memory usage, CPU usage, and ACPI battery usage (if running on battery power). That module uses LM_Sensors and ACPI as back-ends for reading of the sensors. If you have problems with it, let me know. There are also other MONITOR values, but all will give you everything. Then at the end of the testing it will give you a graph with those results.

            Does that accomplish what you need to do for battery testing? If you need any other features so that PTS can fullfill your battery testing, let me know. Always happy to add in new useful features

            Michael Larabel


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              Thank you so much, Michael!

              That helps me a lot!


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                No problem, let me know when you need any other test help.

                Also there is the mailing list ( to stay up to date on new releases.
                Michael Larabel