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  • Disabling automatic uploads to

    Is it possible (short of forking the source from GitHub) to disable the automatic uploading of results to off-site locations (i.e. I'm considering running Phoronix Test Suite on hardware that is protected under NDA, and don't want users of it accidentally disclosing IP/product-info.

    Thank you.

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    miax by default the Phoronix Test Suite doesn't upload any data automatically to If you are referring to the prompts whether you want to upload results after testing, you can avoid those prompts by using the `phoronix-test-suite internal-run` command or by using phoronix-test-suite batch-setup/batch-run functionality. In the batch mode you can configure it never to ask/upload results to Those commands with more details can be found in the documentation -
    Michael Larabel


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      Thank you Michael.

      Additionally, is there a way to "cripple" this feature (i.e. deleting a file from the installation) so a (inexperienced) user doesn't accidentally execute it?