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The *total* option of systemd-boot-total-1.0.5 is ambiguous

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  • The *total* option of systemd-boot-total-1.0.5 is ambiguous

    When running pts/systemd-boot-total-1.0.5, it gives out below test options. I thought the *Total* option implies it's the sum of all the other options, however it turned out to be just the sum of userspace + kernel boot times. IMHO the boot time of the entire boot procedure is more useful than just userspace + kernel. Now that systemd-analyze already provides the total boot time in its output, can we just take it as the result of the *Total* option?

    Systemd Total Boot Time:
    System Test Configuration
    1: Total
    2: Userspace
    3: Kernel
    4: Loader
    5: Firmware
    6: Test All Options
    ** Multiple items can be selected, delimit by a comma. **

    The systemd-analyze command below reports a total boot time of 46.642 seconds.

    $ systemd-analyze
    Startup finished in 8.823s (firmware) + 5.766s (loader) + 958ms (kernel) + 1.452s (initrd) + 29.642s (userspace) = 46.642s reached after 29.634s in userspace

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    Systemd firmware loading times means how long it takes run the EFI bios from the power button press to start of the Linux kernel. The value is not present with MBR partitions.
    [email protected]:~$ systemd-analyze time
    Startup finished in 1.994s (kernel) + 3.725s (userspace) = 5.719s reached after 844ms in userspace

    Install the haveged package to solve slow boot with the random: crng init done message


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      Thanks for the reply debianxfce