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Horrible MariaDB performance

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  • Horrible MariaDB performance

    Can anyone help me out with why I'm getting horrible MariaDB performance? With an 8086K at 5.1 and 5.2Ghz, I get right at 130 queries per second with 16 clients, 125 q/s with 32 clients, and 120 q/s with 64 clients.
    Using 4.19.0-rc7 kernel. 16Gb ram, and an NVME ssd. to see comparisons.
    My Apache Siege tests smoke the competition with about 61000 transactions per second with 250 concurrent users and over 56K transactions per second with 100 concurrent users.
    Blender is also quite slow.

    Going to test again with the Ubuntu kernel instead of vanilla kernel.

    Thanks for any ideas.