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Hitman Test broken

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  • Hitman Test broken

    Running Hitman benchmark produces no result. You can start the benchmark but it shows just the initial loading screen. It doesnt successfully load the game and just quit.
    From terminal output, it looks like the game is crashing, at least it says that it loads the crash reporter. However I can start the game perfectly fine from steam. It looks like whatever pts tries to do with the game doesnt work.

    pts/hitman-1.0.0 [Resolution: 1920 x 1080 - Quality Level: Low]
    Test 1 of 1
    Estimated Trial Run Count: 1
    Estimated Time To Completion: 4 Minutes [23:08 CEST]
    Running Pre-Test Script @ 23:05:53
    Started Run 1 @ 23:06:01
    [NOTICE] strpos(): Offset not contained in string in pts_test_result_parser:578

    The test run did not produce a result.

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    An update to the game Feral put out ended up breaking (or removing) the benchmarking functionality we were relying upon... But haven't had time to check with Feral yet to see if they tend to restore/fix that functionality otherwise that test profile will be deprecated.
    Michael Larabel