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  • Problem creating account

    I hope it's ok to ask about on this forum.

    I registered for an account on, and got the activation email. Clicking the activation link prompts me to log in for the first time, but credentials are not accepted. I'm sure my credentials are correct since I used a password manager to create and enter them. The problem is typically that some websites have undeclared restrictions on password length and/or character sets, and fail silently if those aren't respected.

    Attempting to reset the password gives the message: You must first click your e-mail confirmation link to activate your account and log-in.

    So my password is not accepted when trying to activate the account, and I first need to log in to reset password...

    I could abandon the account and create another one, but thought I'd first ask what I should do.

    Also, it would be really helpful if restrictions on the password are mentioned.