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Loopback TCP Network Performance test problems

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  • Loopback TCP Network Performance test problems

    Every time I run Loopback TCP Network Performance test, it stops after a few dozen rounds and hangs there with no error messages. When this happens, I am unable to stop the test except by using ctrl--c, which means that I lose the opportunity to save the results.
    sudo touch ~/.phoronix-test-suite/halt-testing
    does not give any errors, but has no effect.
    I would be happy to just skip this test, but I cannot figure out which suite it is coming from. I thought it was part of Networking, but since I am not running the Networking suite, it must be coming from elsewhere. Can you give me a hint? These are the tests I was running:

    $ phoronix-test-suite batch-run pts/compilation pts/compression pts/computational pts/computational-biology cpu database desktop-graphics disk java memory multicore motherboard ray-tracing  video-encoding  workstation-graphics