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Running a test more than once with Phoromatic

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  • Running a test more than once with Phoromatic


    I have a doubt about "times to run" parameter of the tests and it behavior throught Phoromatic.
    For instance, if I want to run the IOZone test locally (with phoromatic-test-suite run pts/iozone-1.9.0 command) it runs 3 times, showing each run and then the average score; however, if I run the same test using Phoromatic, the device where it is running the test only shows the average score.

    Specifically, my question is if in the second situation the test is running three times or just one.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Phoromatic doesn't change the run count or any other test profile parameters. If a test defaults to 3 runs, it runs at least 3 times regardless of where it was executed. (Phoronix Test Suite does dynamically increase the run count if the deviation is too high between runs, and that doesn't change either when run via Phoromatic.)
    Michael Larabel