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GIMP 2.99.14 Released As Another Step Toward GIMP 3.0

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    Originally posted by Danielsan View Post

    People used to complain because their prior experience taht are mostly based on shared assumptions and wrong expectations. If you start using GIMP first you will find Fotosciop awkward as well. I use both and I personally find confusing the two of them, in terms of confused interface both are on the same level...

    With 2.10 version, Gimp fixed the UI, they did a great job and by the way you could always arrange it the way you like; nowadays the bigger UX problem GIMP is facing is GTK3 which are designed to make Gnome 3 somewhat useful the way that RH employs like and from that we evinced that using software like Gimp is not their main activity, now we have ugly buttons and sliders, a lot of real estate pixel wasted for nothing... Blame the gnome team (which are 90% RH employs ) since they have been driving the last GTK3~4 development.

    And by the way GIMP is not a commercial software so it doesn't need to please anyone, it is made by a bunch of few volunteers in their spare time, and if we measure money and time invested on both projects... Gimp is the only winner...
    UI is far from to be fixed. It's still pretty bad on high DPI screens. Large parts of interface are not scalable. And nothing they can do about it, because it is due to poor GTK design.

    Aside that panels are still poorly readable. Without contrast transitions it's hard to understand boundaries it the panel.