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Linux 6.2 Will No Longer Treat Intel Arc Graphics As Experimental

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    Yup. Have to remember, the hardware accelerated encoder on the graphics/video card is typically used for real time video capture/encoding or video streaming. Quality will never be as good as software (eg. ffmpeg) CPU encoding. Granted, can still use the hardware GPU for manually encoding videos by specifying the hardware encoder using ffmpeg, but the quality will be far less than the software encoders... at least for now. I tested the nVidia GTX 670 GPU h264 hardware encoder some time ago when comparing h264 encoders, and immediately realized the only use was for real time streaming.

    As far as the quality of the Intel Arc AV1 quality, shrugs, haven't compared the quality as of yet. Dunno when, here, ffmpeg will have access to the encoder. Once ffmpeg has access, there's usually more waiting until the zoom and other video chatting features implement AV1 hardware accelerated encoding.