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AMD Cuts Ryzen Prices, Confirms New Hardware, New Ryzen CPUs With Vega

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    Originally posted by darkbasic View Post

    Uh? What's this?
    Seems to be this product:


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      Speaking of dGPU availability, I noticed that Newegg Canada had 580's in stock today at what I believe to be MSRP. Not sure if that is the norm yet (there was still one seller asking almost 2x MSRP) but situation seems to be settling down.
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        Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
        I suspect that the difference here is that GPU manufactures are not the ones inflating the price of GPU cards. That seems to be the result of excessive demand that is allowing the retailers to gouge. If demand declines I suspect that reasonable pricing will be easier to find.
        Maybe they could increase manufacturing capacity a bit.

        Originally posted by bridgman View Post
        Do you mean "GPU retailers" ? AFAIK we are not the ones hiking the prices.
        Yeah. Probably.

        Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
        If they are mining cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or others that are still profitable... yeah sure. Not as much as before (when they were flat sold out), but still enough to make a difference in price.

        But failing that we can always blame the Illuminati.
        Ok, let's blame Illuminati!

        Originally posted by Michael_S View Post
        If you believe the statistics at coinmarketcap dot com, the total market value of all currently active crypto currencies in the world is 750 billion dollars. Getting a piece of that pie is a pretty good reason to buy a GPU.

        I'm not doing it. I figure the chance to get rich quick passed within a few months of Bitcoin and Ethereum getting the crazy hype in the press. But to be fair maybe there's gold on the ground if you just put in a few hours of research.
        It's not like i put much time into it, but when i did the math, the return was already low (because of all the media attention).
        From that point on, i assume that it only got worse...
        Unless there are like custom software that only a few can get their hands on that is more efficient... and tricks like undervolting, overclocking, and the likes...

        Bottom line, if i had the time and money to dive into it, i wouldn't really need to do it anyways...

        Originally posted by edwaleni View Post
        Amateur to prosumer miners who live in their parents basements and don't have to foot the power bill. The heat from the GPU's alone keeps the basement warm at night.
        That, i do belive. Unfortunately...
        Parents, straighten your kids up!!
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          Originally posted by gripped View Post
          As I said I know.
          if you knew, you would be replacing your cpu with one not broken with meltdown
          Originally posted by gripped View Post
          an opinion
          you are confusing opinion with misconception


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            Originally posted by xxmitsu View Post
            They completely ruined it with the max 16GB of ram.
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              Originally posted by darkbasic View Post

              They completely ruined it with the max 16GB of ram.
              According to some sources it's up to 32G:


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                Originally posted by pal666 View Post
                if you knew, you would be replacing your cpu with one not broken with meltdown
                you are confusing opinion with misconception
                Is everything so binary in your world ?

                Meltdown does not affect AMD but is supposed to be patched on Intel though the patch causes performance loss. The patches added to the Arch Linux kernel, to prevent meltdown exploits, included one to disable disable page table isolation by default on AMD processors so they would not suffer similar performance losses. However the next release a few days later reverted this patch.
                Maybe the code was moved elsewhere or judged unnecessary but I've not seen this mentioned anywhere, while I saw many mentions of the original patch ?.
                AMD and Intel are reportedly both at risk from Spectre and from what I've read this is harder to exploit, they will come though, and harder to patch.
                The dust has still not settled on all of this so now is not the time to be unnecessarily upgrading my cpu. As new information becomes public I may change my mind.

                But other than that I accept that I am wrong and you are right as I suspect you always are
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                  Originally posted by Holograph View Post
                  Any info out there about the 400 series chipsets? What will change? The CPUs are supposedly going to be 12nm which will probably add a few hundred MHz but I'm having trouble finding info about what has changed in the chipsets. Do we need to keep waiting to find out, or is anyone aware of such information out there now?
                  People say it will have more support for RAM and CPU OC, faster link to CPU (A-link?), X470 should offer PCIex4 3.0 instead of 2.0 additional port etc.