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  • Net Neutrality (USA)

    The FCC plans to kill net neutrality this Thursday. IF you live in the United States, it is very important that you take action NOW!

    "Net neutrality affects everyone who uses the Internet. This protest is for all of us. Here’s a big list of creative ways to “Break the Internet” for the 48 hours before the FCC vote. Go wild and Tweet every 10 minutes until the FCC vote, change your job on LinkedIn to “Defending Net Neutrality” or say you’re “Married to the Open Internet” on Facebook. Do whatever you can to get *everyone’s* attention and drive phone calls to Congress."

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    The Internet, as we know it, will come to an end soon...

    1) Starting with the global Economic Collapse that will happen this next year ( a good amount of websites will disappear, for not having the means to support themselves. And, the ones that are expected to survive are the ones run by big corporations (i.e. the ones run by people with lots of money to financially support them) - like Facebook and Twitter, where censorship is rampant.

    2) This WikiLeaks, Anonymous, LulzSec etc phenomenon will be used by our politicians, in the near future, as an excuse to start controlling the flow of information on the Internet, with the excuse that it's a "dangerous" place (if left uncontrolled) because it can be used to leak sensitive personal information: +

    3) Partially with the excuse of "civil unrest" caused by the coming Economic Collapse, Western governments will become increasingly less democratic, and start controlling people's lives, in every aspect - violating basic Civil Rights. (In my country, there's a politician who already talks about "suspending Democracy" to solve problems - - and you can take a look here - - at what's already happening in the USA.)

    4) Also, as any well-informed person will tell you, most of our Western politicians take orders from the people with lots of money (i.e. big corporations) who have every interest in (and are the ones planning) this loss of basic freedoms in the West:

    So, there's no point in phoning your Congressmen etc. Our so-called "representatives" are the ones who are already taking away our freedoms.

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      The whole World Economy will inevitably Collapse, for the reason I have been warning about, for years, for example in here:

      (It was already supposed to have collapsed in 2008, but the people who control it decided to postpone this, by "bailing out" some of the banks.)

      So, enjoy the Internet while you can, and save everything that you consider to be of great importance to your own computers' hard drives.

      (Check the sources I have left, if you have any doubts. I'm not kidding when I say this.)


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        About your video, nothing new:

        [Zeitgeist documentary]
        Beware of this "Zeitgeist" movement - that only began "denouncing" what it did, after a lot of other researchers had already done it...

        Their solution of a non-democratic Communist society is part of what the elites have planned for us (a techno/neo-feudal mixture of Super-Capitalism and Communism, similar to Fascism: + And, the "eye" that appears at the end of, at least, their first documentary is, almost certainly, a signature of a (now well-known) secret society ( + +

        (In case anyone thinks this secret society I mention is not active anymore: +

        Always think for yourselves, about which solutions should we come up with, and adopt, to solve the problems our society faces.

        Quoting myself:

        You have to be very aware of (...) people that lead you into traps, false solutions, or try to make you adopt counter-productive or time-wasting ineffective forms of struggle.

        Always think and decide for yourselves.


        "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
        --- Vladimir I. Lenin
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          Anyway, (if anyone's interested) the best Free Software tool for saving whole websites - from my experience - is (the command line version of) "HTTrack":