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Windows 7 screens look like KDE 4!!

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    Originally posted by val-gaav View Post
    Depends on the use. I do a lot of encoding too and bash+mencoder+mkvtoolnix+gpac+oggenc makes it a total win over the Windows solutions. Really I have no tool for XP that could win over my nice Linux bash scripts. Heck it's automated here, in Windows it's not and it needs a lot of clicks, add do that processing of many files and clear winner is Linux. Winner, because it saves my time.

    I've used the same setup of mencoder, mkvtoolnix, gpac, ogg enc as well compiled from source in windows AND linux, guess what wins by about 5-10% using the same source and encoding settings. (BTW mencoder truly sucks when it comes to accurate file sizes, especially when using ffmpeg or xvid). The gap widens even more when using the vast array of video encoding tools out there for windows.