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Issues after installing 5th graphics card

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  • Issues after installing 5th graphics card


    I've managed to run 4 graphic cards so far with this setup.

    - Motherboard: Asus Prime Z270-p
    - 4 x GTX 1060 3G (ultimately need to install 6)
    - RAM: 8 GB
    - Intel pentium 1151
    - Cards are connected via powered risers

    Relevant software
    - Ubunutu 17.04
    - Latest Nvidia binary driver 281

    I know that installing 4+ cards is usually problematic in Linux. I've been following the instructions in and they helped me install 4th card. However, the instructions are extremely indeterministic and don't have a clear order. They usually involve:
    - Turn on/off Bios "Above 4G decoding".
    - Change PCIE link speed to Gen 1, 2 or 3.
    - Change DMI Max Link Speed to Gen1, 2, or 3.
    - Add one card at a time.

    Once I install 5th card into motherboard and turn on computer, I get one of the following issues:

    - Ubuntu boots fine but "nvidia-settings" only shows 4 cards
    - BIOS splash appears but black screen afterwards
    - No BIOS splash appears. I just get the error:

    Error: unknown filesystem.
    grub rescue>

    I realize I'm completely lost and can't make sense of what I'm seeing. But that's why I'm here! I'd really appreciate any debugging tips.

    Thank you