I need a general advice for benchmarking energy efficiency.

I would like to test the energy efficiency and its behaviour for webhosting server. Especially under the change of
  • outside temperature
  • different power management settings in BIOS/VM
    • Balanced Power and Performance
    • Minimum Power Usage
    • Maximum Power Usage

It's difficult to do this on live-server inside the data-center but i got 4 different servers in my testrack. All of them have ubuntu 16.04 and phoronix installed. Futhermore there is an IPDU where I can measure the used energy.

The idea is to accumulate relative CPU, Network, RAM usages from the live systems and create an "Average-Day-Server-Load" for my testrack.

What do you think? Is this a meaningful approach?

How can i create a load for these systems? I'm not proficient in linux or benchmarking, can you advice some nice tutorials?