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Devuan 1.0 Makes It To A Release Candidate: Debian Without Systemd

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  • Devuan 1.0 Makes It To A Release Candidate: Debian Without Systemd

    Phoronix: Devuan 1.0 Makes It To A Release Candidate: Debian Without Systemd

    The first release candidate is now available for Devuan, the fork of Debian that rids the system of systemd...

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    This is stupid


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      Originally posted by raom View Post
      This is stupid
      Do you understand anything about init processes or the guts of the OS itself, or are you just a user?

      If it's the former, we have a bit in common to discuss and I would greatly disagree with you on numerous fronts.

      If it's the latter, you've little concept of what you're calling "stupid" and should best stay silent and learn rather than mouthing off.


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        this is very stupid. But they have at least learned how to maintain Debian, so there is that.


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          I'm using it on like.. 15 vm's


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            I will never forget how shytemd was forced in Debian, so to me to have this is excellent.

            On average on whatever decision that must be made, we have a new fork of Debian


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              nice sane people like me like systemd concept but not the result.


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                Devuan will try, Devuan will fail.

                As there is no public problem (no high count of complains) there is no reason for more than a hundred people to use this. They're also changing parts of the stack no one uneducated ever notices. Dependencies on systemd components will still be raising in the future, so maintenance of Devuan will get to a burden, until they fail and fall behind. Devuan is clearly filling a very small gap.

                I myself, beeing a more technical guy, maintaining quite some linux desktops and servers, don't see that much of a problem with systemd. It's painless, i got little to no problems with systemd. I pretty like the tad of unification thats happening, making distro switches and the creation of universal components easier. I'm going to stick to my debian/ubuntu/fedora based setups for some time to come.


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                  Nice to see Devuan progressing. I don’t have a need for it at the moment, but maybe in a few years when I need an old distro to build with an old version of glibc, as Debian itself is unusable.


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                    well I guess is a good option for the "80's Is best tin foil hats" community.

                    In my case after tasting the sweet nectar of ArchLinux + ZFS + nspawn + sec comp + .targets files for on the fly secure container managed through DBUS with 0 performance penalty I cannot imagine going back to the Stone Age