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Mark Shuttleworth Makes More Comments On Ubuntu GNOME, Mir, Convergence

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  • Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    What's up with you guys, ever seen all hate on Windows in the post Win8 years?
    They have to justify Canonical's fault. 'We couldn't do it, because those toxic guys didn't let us to do so! Where are you Mum?!' 'We also buried Linux chance to take on Desktops'. When Ubuntu started to be popular and recognizable in public places like restaurants, Canonical decided to change it. Did M$ or Apple paid you for this? I don't like Gnome too much, but they are not giving up at least. This is valuable.
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    • Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Unity was designed as an OSX clone with some icons on the left - some OSX clone settings have been in Ubuntu before with GNOME 2 - position of buttons, app title on top. I don't see any increase of productivity by using this compared to KDE or other DE. If I want to use a Mac, then I use OSX (or MacOS) but not Ubuntu. The only "missing" feature was the dock.
      Elementary is an OS X clone, at least it just looks like it. I do not think or feel like Unity is anywhere close to it.

      And while you don't see it, many do and use it for this reason. Please respect them.


      • Unity was just a bad product to me. My so-called "hate" stems from the daily crashes and lost work for several years of giving Unity a chance. And after losing faith in Unity, it was obvious Canonical had bitten off more than they could chew with the desktop environment alone; their announcement of Mir was immediately painted grimly with realization that the product was doomed before it had even begun; they were overwhelmed with Unity alone, much less an entire display server...then a phone project...convergence...they promised the sky when they could barely re-shingle the house they already had. Perhaps if Canonical had listened to the realists within their own community, rather than caricaturing their commentary as "irrational," "tribal" "hate", they'd have saved several million dollars and taken actual advantage of the vulnerable right flank of Microsoft during the Windows 8 debacle, rather than spending that time in development mode.


        • Originally posted by Pawlerson View Post

          Hatred toward Icaza is fully justified. He's was a traitor and MS paid liar.
          So that's why he won a FSF "Advancement of Free Software" award for founding Gnome, and you're..... well that's best left up to the reader's imagination.