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What Do You Hope For Ubuntu Phone In 2017? Fed Up User Announces "Ubuntu Crickets"

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    Cancel Ubuntu Phone.
    Face it, Apple and Google are the mobile phone makers. Even Microsoft's bottomless cash reserves couldn't get them anywhere. Competition is good, but not when nobody notices you're there.

    Open Ubuntu to the community.
    Stop trying to be Steve Jobs. Ubuntu Mir isn't revolutionary; nobody asked for it, nobody needs it. Snaps aren't revolutionary (they're glorified archives with prepackaged libraries. Woo.).

    Ship modern software.
    Keep the LTS kernel if necessary, but give users a choice of using the latest kernel (for hardware support, etc) in an easy manner (Updater?). Use latest hardware drivers (no excuses), and ship the current version of software. Test, of course, but don't ship ancient shit.


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      My MX4 does pretty much I hope for, I sync my cal/contact with our owncloud server, vpn works. And the phone doesn't try to spy on me all the time, like android/ios based. As there is ssh server built-in I can get my photo's without hassle from the phone by using KDE Dolphin's fish:// protocol. It really is much better (for me) than my old Android, even after rooting and installing cyanogenmod.

      On a holiday I was able to create a hotspot for multiple users even though the local carrier blocked that (I did that by using a openvpn to our office and get the dns servers from there).

      What I really would like is the bluetooth to work with my car system (Renault TomTom Carminat), so I have handfree and music. But that may be a problem with the bluetooth stack. I noticed my KDE desktop also doesn't like to have multiple connections and guess that is what the car system is trying to do.

      There could be nifty things like integration of adblock and lastpass in the browser, the only 2 plugins I use on the desktop.

      And it would be really cool if I could have Plasma Mobile on top of Ubuntu, but I guess that will not happen.


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        I wasn't the first person to leave, but I was far from the last, cutting ties with the project just before the 10.10 release. They cut and ran then and they will do it now. Use a reliable phone maker instead.


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          Convergence is a great idea but like MS failed, because of manufacturers and market, Canonical now has close to zero chance to achieve it.
          I really like Ubuntu as desktop OS and server OS, but the mobile market is now closed and the winners are Android and iOS.

          End of the story, back to real business, make Ubuntu for computers great again and forget about mobile.

          Maybe it is a stupid question but could they just make a "Ubuntued" interface that looks like Unity atop of Android so that some manufacturers/consummers adopt it?


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            Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
            Some would also argue that it was just to pave the way for their masters at MS. (hint: Continuum, Windows 10 on all devices)
            Some would say that you need to loosen your tin foil hat, less your brain overheats and has a stroke.


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              Originally posted by Passso View Post
              Maybe it is a stupid question but could they just make a "Ubuntued" interface that looks like Unity atop of Android so that some manufacturers/consummers adopt it?
              Not a stupid question. A number of people have suggested this, including Jono Bacon ( and there is plenty of good reasons to do so. BUT, it would relegate Ubuntu-Touch to be another Android clone with incompatible/nonstock interface on top. Plenty of those already. The popularity of google branded phones with stock-Android show that most users don't want more Androids with non-stock interfaces.


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                I am not interested in Ubuntu Phone. It would be better with nicer integration with my Android phone.

                Get my notifications from the phone on my computer. Maybe reply from my computer on messages to my phone.


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                  I'm still hoping for my convergence with Ubuntu. I would willingly trade some of the Google features for having my computer in my pocket. BUT (and maybe this will be the death knell), it MUST work on Google Fi.


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                    Phoronix is full of RedHat nazis. Every project who's parents aren't RedHat and Fedora community must die.


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                      I also think that Ubuntu Tablets and Phones don't really have a future. People don't care about operating systems and even less so on mobile devices. They care about being able to install WhatsApp, Pokemon GO & Co and their banks PhotoTAN app. Ubuntu Touch just isn't really that compelling for OEMs and Joe average. Canonical making its own hardware would be suicide.

                      There is still a lot of room for improvement for the desktop experience, though. A snap based version of desktop version with safe transactional updates for the base OS and fresh, rolling software updates straight from upstream with a selection that rivals the AUR on Arch would be very compelling.