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Firefox 49 To Offer Linux Widevine Support, Firefox Also Working On WebP Support

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    Originally posted by mmstick View Post

    Since when does Linux lack video acceleration? It's been working perfectly for many years now.
    Well in browsers it is for some reason absent. Chrome and Chromium even have the logic, but they only enable it when build for Android or ChromeOS, so the normal Linux builds doesn't get it.


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      Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
      Hello? Making copies without consent of the owner is a blatant violation of fucking private property. I understand that being digital data it's harder to understand as it's not physical.
      But if they were books or physical disks (that are also copies of a master, but in a physical form) there would not be much to talk about.

      In US it is, in EU it is, in most other civilized places on the planet it is
      US maybe, EU no, nope nope nope. It is not a crime in any civilized country.


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        Originally posted by gQuigs View Post
        Anyone got Netflix to actually work with it yet?

        I'm running Firefox Nightly with Widevine installed.
        Originally posted by dh04000 View Post

        Try spoofing your user agent to windows running firefox. If that works, kindly report back.

        For me, spoofing a reasonably new version of Chrome for Linux allows for watching Netflix using Firefox 49 beta4. You'll need to confirm that Widevine is installed and activated. (It wasn't installed/activated by default for me.)