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Canonical Talks Up Ubuntu 16.04 LTS With ZFS, LXD

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    Originally posted by Stellarwind View Post
    There is no CDDL violation in including zfs in Ununtu side by side with Linux kernel as a module. Problem is in possible GPL violation. CDDL basically saying use it where you want, but it must remain under CDDL. GPL insists that every "derived work" that comes together with GPL, must be under GPL as well. Canonical does not claim ZFS is under GPL, so it doesn't violate CDDL requirement and Oracle has no grounds to sue. Canonical also claims that ZFS is not a derived work of the kernel, therefore they can keep CDDL license, but some people disagree.

    p.s. "Rampant layering violations" is actually a good case for ZFS being alien to Linux and therefore not a derived work.
    Regarding your p.s., I don't think that's the case. In a prior thread on this forum regarding ZoL it was described that the reason they write layers like that is to avoid using interfaces that are clearly derived. In that sense if they can layer the filesystem interfaces on top of common everyday programming interfaces, they can say it isn't derived.

    In my mind I picture it as a really bad porting protocol.


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      Originally posted by r_a_trip View Post
      Like I already said in this thread, Oracle is a Linux kernel contributor. So how does Oracle not have standing to sue? If CDDL is deemed incompatible with the GPL and Oracle doesn't want it in Linux, they can use the GPL to put the kibosh on it.
      Ah, good point, forgot that.