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Valve Reports Steam Linux Usage Fell Further In March

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

    play something and type top to the terminal. Do you see why pa is shit. Last xfce update was over year ago so xfce is more stable than ubuntu beginner desktop. Ubuntu is slow.
    Just tried: fired up Bioshock Infinite, PA eats up less than 1 percent. And audio quality is perfectly fine. Never ever had problems with PA.

    About Intel vs AMD processors: sure, Intel isn't cheap, but their processors are much faster. You pay more, you get more. Not a problem at all.


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      wtf that you call it a failure? First this percentage is BS, they don't survey people on big picture, nor people on stream machines. It's a shame that they sabotage their own counting system and their own OS.

      Second, why a failure? I see more and more games coming to Linux, we have vulkan, soon we will see even more Linux adoption with that! There will be so many more opportunity to pierce the market again, why give up now?

      Btw I got no survey on Linux, but at least four on my windows machine. Yup, got windows to play PoE from time to time.


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        Thing I have had crackling and such issues with PA before, messing with the audio config file and changing a few timing settings that I no longer remember sorted that out for the most part. Also I was quite happy with my 8370E 8 Core except for the lack of PCIe3.0, I hope Zen ends up being a good CPU for AMD!

        PS. I moved to a 6Core Intel i7 and was a bit disappointed with the performance gains from a 8370E, it was quite minimal except for PCIe performance (I was running 4k by then so that mattered)


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          Not fair. Valve makes us invest in games, support is poor, so we get annoyed and setup a Windows Steam Server to continue playing... Gaben might have been a MS sleeper agent afterall!


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            Nar, he just didn't realize how bad the vendor support was when he originally started the whole idea. Its progressing but still Linux is a minefield for new users. PLUS where is witcher3, where is fallout4, where is GTA5 for Linux??? those games will pretty much hold majority of gamers on Windows!


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              Lots of negative posts, so I thought I'd write something positive

              Out of 150 games I own on Steam, ~120 of them work on Linux. I've probably bought 60 games or more since Steam OS became available. Lots of good titles (I think): Borderlands, Shadow of Mordor, Metro: Last Light, all Valve Titles, Dying Light, Alien Isolation, Descent Underground (!), Civ 5, Spec Ops, Talos, Trine, Transistor, Xcom, tons of awesome indie games.

              Have an AMD FX and Nvidia Ti750 in one box, AMD APU in another box, rarely complains. Both machines drive TV displays. Xbox 360 controller and big picture very often, good couch experience. I mean.. I'm just really happy with it I haven't gotten a survey in like 2 yrs though.


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                Originally posted by duby229 View Post

                Thankfully my social circle is pretty intelligent. I don't have that problem.... I just can't imagine socializing through skype, some people must have no life.
                I lived in 4 countries not counting where I come from by age of 32, can you say same about you? Thought so. And no, most people do use skype. Nothing to do with intelligence.


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                  Originally posted by mike4 View Post
                  Typical for Linux users. Spam/cry every site for software but never buy anything.
                  Spend over 1000 Euro on games since Steam came out. Please, tell me more about how we, linux users don't pay any money.


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                    For those having problem with the steam runtime try starting steam with STEAM_RUNTIME=0.

                    As for pulseaudio while I am not exactly a fan it does work very well *if* you configure it correctly.
                    But in order to do that you need to understand how pulse works and your own workflow.
                    For starters I would try the ArchLinux wiki and their Troubleshooting page:


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                      Originally posted by dimko View Post

                      I lived in 4 countries not counting where I come from by age of 32, can you say same about you? Thought so. And no, most people do use skype. Nothing to do with intelligence.
                      I do admit I don't have any wordly experience. I've only lived within the states. And I guess because of that I've never had any problems staying in close touch with friends and family.