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Microsoft Launches SQL Server For Linux

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    Originally posted by enihcam View Post
    Why everything in Microsoft is going to Linux, but not Skype?
    Skype has linux versions since a while ago, what do you mean?


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      Originally posted by boffo View Post
      Basically Microsoft is abandoning Windows for servers and focusing windows for mobile & desktop.
      Maybe not quite...they rolled out Server 2012 and soon I am sure we will see a new Windows Server version soon enough.


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        Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post

        Skype has linux versions since a while ago, what do you mean?
        Skype version in Linux is rather outdated and not fully interoperable with video/audio chatting with users who have Skype for Windows.


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          Originally posted by DeepDayze View Post
          Skype version in Linux is rather outdated and not fully interoperable with video/audio chatting with users who have Skype for Windows.
          Mh, nice to know. I thought that the Android version of Skype was the crappy one. (due to similar issues on lower-end devices from 2012-13 that are still pretty damn common)

          Thankfully most of the world is on Watsapp on Android.


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            Originally posted by Optic View Post
            I work frequently with C# at work using Oracle, Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL etc. So far I have not found a single thing I cant do with all of them.
            I am by no means know everything about C# but I have done plenty of work with the language and have never had problems. If you did find something it would have to be quite a niche area, not to mention, its a programing language, write a library.
            Core basic SQL functionality was always fully supported by C# to Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql.

            I do remember some SQL to LINQ and DLINQ functionality was 100% MSSQL only at some point. After a quick google, I see there are now third party solutions you can buy to get LINQ to fully integrate with Postgresql.

            Or sure, you can write your own libraries infrastructure, but most people don't want to do this. Heck, you can write your own database.


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              Originally posted by Cyberax View Post
              Try using Oracle's tools. Or IBM's. MSSQL is light-years ahead (but of course, you can misuse it just like everything else).

              And Postgres ops/dev tools doesn't suck, they simply don't really exist.
              Postgres has an official command line shell. I presume you want fancier IDE-like GUIs like SQL Management Studio. Postgres doesn't make those but many are available.

              I use DataGrip as a database IDE for query work and admin tasks. This works with all major databases including Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle, and MySQL.

              I love DataGrip, and personally prefer it to Microsoft SQL Management Studio, but I consider this personal taste, and don't consider my preference particularly important to others.


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                Originally posted by Delgarde View Post

                Ah, no. Maybe for more lightweight systems, but in my line of work, it's basically Oracle or SQL Server. Our customers won't even consider anything else, regardless of the quality of options like Postgres, or the amount of money they might save. Though it's a moot point, because databases aren't commodity when your business logic is mostly written in stored procedures, and much of the SQL uses database-specific syntax because it predates ANSI joins...
                This sounds like crusty, legacy centric companies. Predating ANSI joins? yuck! I've done tons of stored procs work with both SQL Server and Oracle in the past... I'm glad I've moved on.

                The companies I work for spend lots of money on Amazon Cloud Services, S3 storage, Elastic Map Reduce for Spark Cluster computing. But our SQL databases are just Postresql.


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                  Originally posted by Klassic Six View Post
                  What they trying to accomplished?
                  I think they want to have Docker on Windows.. thats why they ported bash. Personally I'd like to see more Postgres love out there and less Oracle/MS sponcored stuff.