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Linux Gaming Marketshare Regressed So Far 2016

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    Originally posted by jacob View Post
    From this point of view, sure. I also like the convenience of being able to launch a game, play for 20min as a break and then resume work, seamlessly. But the point of my post was that for the hardcore gamer kind, who has been using Windows, Linux has currently nothing to offer.
    Ok, then I simply didn't understand the original statement.
    For me it made no sense to consider a situation where one would use Windows as their normal OS and Linux for gaming, so I interpreted that as advantages for someone already using Linux.

    In which case the obvious (at least from my point of view) advantage is that you don't require any other machine or setup.

    Looking for advantages or the lack thereof for a Windows user to use Linux for gaming sounds highly academic to me.



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      what lacks is the vision on gaming strategy. it's not enough to spread linux games.


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        Originally posted by jacob View Post

        Yes, Steam on Linux is good when it runs well on your system. My point is the likelihood of running into problems in this context is still much higher on Linux than on Windows. BTW the issues I had with Metro were with a blob driver, namely Catalyst. It runs a lot better with the recent mesa driver. (Don't bother preaching nvidia to me. It has its own share of monumental problems)
        As you say, it's a matter of luck with drivers blob and materials.
        I had a AMD sapphire card (290 triX) still and a 7850 sapphire before. I had so many troubles on linux with those two specific graphic cards that i stayed on windows. Then, i built a microatx silent computer (for internet, mailing and home theater) with a nvidia card (750ti, gygabite, low-profil, a owl on the box) with lubuntu, I installed steam just to try at start... and wow! I didn't switch on my "gaming computer" since that day: I and my teenager son play Civ V, Civ beyond earth, borderland2, L4D2, Xcom, CS:GO, Chivalry, Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor -but my graphic card is a bit limited there in native resolution- nicely without drivers troubles in a WQHD monitor (2560x1440, ... a amd freesync XD ) in silence and without windows annoyances (dat damned advertising window at start calling to install windows 10 argggh!). I even installed steam using playonlinux to play Mordheim (again, no troubles, great graphics, silence, ... and great game).


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          Valve wants more hardcore Linux/SteamOS players ?

          Why not organize the Dota2 Compendium exclusively on Steam machines... This would be amazing!


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            Valve knows there are a lot of actions they can take, but they have what they wanted, a scared MS that will not implement the MS online market software as the only way of purchasing games for their MS WOS, and they do not care if the Steam Machines grow slowly.

            As soon as they sell their Steam links, machines, and controllers, plus an option to "upgrade to Steam OS" at their MS WOS Steam clients that would create a virtual machine with PCI-e (VGA) walkthrough or a MS WOS HDD formatting using a partition from which boot the liveISO or as easy as an easy way to make bootable USB 3.1 or thunderbolt pendrives able to install Steam OS at them for a MS WOS user (click next next next done) and easier to boot to play Steam games (stored at NTFS, or NAS zfs partitions too) they will grow enough to have a critical mass that are not us ( GNU/Linux geeks)


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              I do play Quake Live and gemcraft CS on (wine) playonlinux's steam client with a Nvidia 750 Ti well enough.

              I would love some Phorornix benchmarks (NVIDIA intel and AMD) wine steam vs native MS WOS I am sure many games will run well enough, and it will be good to know which ones don't and as wine is available for ARM, and soon for Android, Steam wine client can work for old games as Quake Live in modern ARM 64bit hardware as the Rasberry pi 3 - or not -
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                How they select which hardware appears in their survey seems a little wonky. For example, I have a GTX Titan, what at the time of its release, was billed as the ultimate gaming card. Yet GTX Titan appears nowhere on their video card market share list. I assume it's bundled into the 16.02% "Other" graphic card line item. Lame. Yet for CPU count, they have line items going all the way to 20 CPU's (including one for 5 CPU's which doesn't even exist), even though many of them show 0.00% market share.