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    developers has to take contacts with gamers showing them interesting proposals at annual GAMING fairs. Gamers are the best way to spread items. Question is that gamers won't have any problems of stability crash drivers and so on. Gamers want the possibility to manage the drivers based on hardware capabilities, they want reach the best with the minimum of resources possible, so if a game by windows reach 60 fps on a particular machine, gamer appreciates that linux allows to reach 90fps to the same machine or to get the maximum details and performance hit at the same cost.

    That's the way to convince gamers: "take this USB 3.0 memory stick, plug it into your pc turn on it, select the icon and play the game you like to play. SEE THE DIFFERENCE!"

    Gamers must say: "hey play games on linux it's better than microsoft!" or other platforms. "it's simple and convenient!"

    Linux operating system still have x11 graphical crap which compromises the efficiency. Other question concerns with control panel for open source drivers. They are lacking or minimal. The implementation of directx has been a right improvements. Now we hope on vulkan. Another market sector very interesting is 64bit gaming so to improve the performance of gaming om operating systems provided of 8GB 16GB of memory. Perhaps linux developers should focus their attention on gaming development rather than provide a huge number of different linux operating systems. It's necessary to organize activities for different market sectors so to avoid redundancy and waste of energy.

    Also a unit able to rewrite legacy famous games in a better form (better shader model, better rendering better performance) by linux programming languages could be interesting.

    Take these words as strategy perspective.
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      Originally posted by norsetto View Post
      well, he has to reinstall every so many months, but, who cares
      This is not really true anymore with the latest versions of Windows. Just to say

      I really would like to play more on linux. And i am surprised that more games work better and more stable, but sadly many have still a worse experience then when gaming on Windows if you are not runing nvidia propietary driver (or so it seams, i do not have an nvidia card so i can not confirm this).
      As example i wanted to switch from windows to linux for playing Bound by Flame. While i was surprised by how well it performs with the radeonsi driver on my r7 260x i still had to disable all effects to get a acceptable framerate and additionally windows savegames where not compatible with the linux version.
      Shadowrun: Hon Kong had some serious performance issues on linux for me that hurt my eyes. Those have only been reduced to a bearable state with a recent fix. It has to be mentioned that there is still a long standing bug present that does make it impossible to exit the game without killing it.
      On the other hand i recently tried else heart.break() which run perfectly fine and without problems that i could fortget that i was even gaming on linux.


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        Yesterday (1 mar 2016) Linux Steam client submitted a survey point from my machine.


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          Originally posted by johnc View Post
          To be honest, years ago when Steam came to Linux I didn't think it would end up being this bad.

          There really is no financial justification for a developer to target Linux or even OS X.
          Except that the guys that actually make a living from porting games for linux, like feral, say that they make money.
          But we should take your, joe randoms, word for it over theirs right?

          I recognize your name, you're just a regular troll.


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            Originally posted by atomsymbol View Post
            Yesterday (1 mar 2016) Linux Steam client submitted a survey point from my machine.
            Champagne shower!!!
            (I did not see it since 6 month and I run it daily...)


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              Well to be honest, I think for get more linux atention is the need of AAA tittles, on linux are so low the games, as example, the wichter 3 will be nice, GTA those are great AAA games, the latest release it was XCOM 2, it' s not bad but is not my kind of games (I enjoyed the first one but at the end get bored), but on this year what another AAA games we have release it none(one from the last year), we should release same day but for some reason we can' t, maybe three month later to begin, so this can make the gamer comunity take note and become using linux as gaming platform.
              With Feral we are watching good games AAA can be ported to linux, of course it will be suffer some performance but it will work and some hardware must be used as nvidia only, but what happen with Aspyr as know they release just two game like in 6 months, one was KOTOR 2(I bought this one) and layers of fears(not following this game too much coz horror' s game is not my kind).
              We all know the downside with linux, some driver issues or the game compare to windows as not being native opengl the performance it' s not equal to windows with directx, but with time this must be solving as we see progress on the opensource drivers as example compare to 5 years ago. The most important parts, it' s as linux user we just not complain about the game, if it doesn' t work we try to someway to make a solution or at less search why the performance it 's not good. I believe developers must consider that. On the windows side just a few a buyers will do that of course they test a lot the game before release it.

              Also it will be interesting of this 1% of linux user how much they spent compare to mac, to me right now is the first goal must be focus be equal or more than mac, of course this lost of user on the others platform must be from windows, because mac user are more attach to the hardware experience than the mac software.


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                Originally posted by Iksf View Post
                I play almost entirely on Linux and only hop to Windows for the odd game I can't. Despite thousands of hours on the Linux steam and maybe a couple of hundred on the Windows one, I've had 2 survey prompts on Windows and none on Linux. Subjective and probably baseless complaining here, just fucking annoying.
                Well I game exclusively on Linux. It's a time and money saving decision :-) However I am getting the survey regularly. I discovered that after some client trouble, I did steam -reset to reinstall the client and BAM survey at the next start.


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                  The lol of steam surveys! I play on Lubuntu for one year with native steam (for civ V, Borderland 2, Totalwar MedievalII, L4D2, Xcom, etc.) and with "wined" steam (Mordheim only). I was only asked 2 this year (so two timed sampled) for the survey only when launching "wined" steam (I spend nearly 10% my gameplay time on this one) and guess what? steam recorded that I was on winxp XD. Same situations for my brother and cousin (respectively on Lubuntu and Debian.... but they play far less than me): they were asked for survey on "wined" steam, not when they played on native linux steam.
                  So steam survey = bullshit


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                    Originally posted by atomsymbol View Post
                    Yesterday (1 mar 2016) Linux Steam client submitted a survey point from my machine.
                    well clearly CHAMPAGNE! I'm daily on native steam, survey comes only when I use wine (only twice a week) XD

                    I'm really waiting for Galaxy on linux (for I really enjoyed galaxy when it was realesed on windows, and I have so many games on gog that I bore to install them when needed. It's also a pity that Humble Bundle doesn't work with like on the star war bundle today!


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                      Quantity needs to be presented along with percentage. One has to assume rate of Windows gamers is increasing faster than Linux gamers, not end users are shifting back and forth between platforms like smartphones. More interesting is the rate of increase or decrease of quantity, not percent of market shares at the moment. Example; market shares drop to 0.8% yet the rate of increase in the number of Linux gamers, through steam, increased by 50% show more truthful information. Steam surveys shouldn't be used for this calculate but steam client OS identification information, that is sent during usage, tupled with user names.

                      All my Windows interactions are not visualized. Windows doesn't like when GPT partitions skip a number, took me out for the whole day at work, just because I removed an unneeded partition and re-purposed it for more space else where. No more bare metal Windows for me, including gaming on Windows, will be using QEMU with Virt-IO.

                      Seems that a lot expected a mass change in Linux gaming overnight. Even Windows gaming was lacking when it first came around and it took yeas for DirectX (Direct3d) to come out so games for the masses could be made.

                      Linux has and will continue to change the landscape of gaming. Best landscapes all started as pile of dirt being moved around.