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Are Open-Source Games & Community Game Engines Fading Away?

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    Originally posted by alokhan View Post
    It is funny but while reading all the comments I thought the same thing : Why would someone make a free OS instead of sell it for thousand of dollars but that's what Linux is.
    Companies make/save money using Linux. These companies fund Linux development. Without that, it would be nowhere near where it is today. More than 80% of dev is made by paid contributors (

    Game engines development could work the same. Imagine a Unity-like Open Source. I think it will happen some day.


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      Originally posted by DMJC
      Again it's because the engine has tools available. Where the engines don't have good tools we see project stagnation/death. How many years were the Tux Kart games dead for before there was a concerted effort to upgrade the graphics? The notion that something has to be made for pay or made for profit to be high quality is completely false...
      The example does not support your argument. Not only was STK not dead, the graphical improvement happened exactly because there was money (GSOC), and now that there is an easy to use level editor, almost nobody has used it and there is no increase in submitted levels. So it proves you wrong on two counts, essentially.


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        Originally posted by TheOne View Post

        Because games aren't productive and useful, in the contrary, I don't understand how game developers become rich when developing something that will not contribute anything useful to our life. Most popular games are just about killing with a gun, so you may understand why today kids are so violent. Why spend 3 years developing a FPS when you can make the world a better place? Money, that is what has taken our society and destroyed it.
        Holy moly, gramps!

        Video games are making people violent? Are you sure it's not the ignorant, atrociously regressive primates people have to deal with on a daily level? Are you sure it's not religion (I doubt ISIS and the likes have time to play video games)? Are you sure it's not just general frustration that, eventually, manifests itself in hatred and violent thoughts (thanks to aforementioned primates)?


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          Originally posted by makson View Post
          2 more still kicking and worth mentioning are:
          - SuperTuxKart
          - Battle for Wesnoth

          as it goes to keeping old games alive, beside OpenMW, we should also mention OpenJK.
          These plus Godot engine and Ren'py!
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            Originally posted by TheOne View Post

            You just proved that you are part of the problem, accepting these kind of trashy content as something that is good and acceptable, even my self have done so by buying the same trashy FPS games where I don't earn nothing in exchange, just some twisted violent fun. And don't tell me no body has commited suicide because of listening to black heavy metal music... Lets call the bad good and the good bad.

            There are thousands of other ways to make money, but hey, the game development industry pays millions (billions?) so lets stop developing more useful stuff because hey, that isn't paying, instead lets develop a cool game where you can smash zombie heads, kids and adults with a child pshychopath mentality will enjoy it.

            Maybe a short sighted statement for a blind sighted living being.
            Seriously, dude. Seek medical attention!

            From your statements, it's pretty clear that if anyone suffers from violent thoughts or is going to commit an atrocity, it's you.
            The fact that you even think about stuff like that is pretty telling.

            And no. No one has ever committed suicide because of listening to black heavy metal or playing (A)D&D.
            The human psyche is far more complicated than that and there usually are far more complex underlying issues leading to a person's suicide.


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              It's amazing how people are fighting over open source engines are fading away, whilst they could bond together and create an open source game engine themselves. The whole point of open source is to give developers a choice as to whether an idea can become a reality or not, without the need for financial incentives. Some people on this thread view such projects from a commercial point of view rather than an open-source point of view. It's not really the same environment because open-source projects are not always commercially-driven, but more community-driven. If you think there's a game engine out there that needs your attention, then by all means contribute towards it. If we all resorted to bash-talking on forums then the world of open source would die out pretty much tomorrow.


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                I find it rather striking that a mostly innocuous topic such as the state of open source gaming derailed into some sort of debate concerning the validity or dangers of gaming in general. On that subject however, there is far more violence children are confronted with from news reels alone than most children are confronted with through games. The world, sadly, is a far more dire place than the worlds portrayed by most games.

                Point being -- If people really want to find the culprit for the sad state of affairs, they should look for a mirror as opposed to blaming it solely and/or squarely on games. We've all contributed to the world being what it is. Do some proper research on how many people have been murdered, executed or simply exterminated for far older concepts than gaming and you'll quickly see that even if certain games are excessively violent, the world is far more so. And you don't even need to dig all that deep into history.

                So, could we all just drop this mindless and completely pointless debate about the violence in games?


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                  It probably is fading away. Desktops and notebooks are no longer the most wanted Christmas items, but mobile phones and tablets are, and for some time now. If a game does not run under Windows, and it is not a game for the PS/XBox console market, then why would one choose Linux as the alternative, independent gaming platform when one can hop onto the mobile market just the same? At least in the mobile market can the small game makers still get attention and make some coin. Any game developer who still wants to hold on to Linux now not only has to answer to the question "Why not develop your game for Windows?" but also to the question "Why not make your game run on mobile phones?" ...

                  Especially the young game developers, who are still looking to make a career in the gaming industry, will want to stay away from Linux more than before, because it will only add very little to their CVs when others can list Windows programming, console programming and now also mobile programming to their skill sets - each of which will tell a boss that you have the skills needed for a market where there is still a lot of money flowing. Those with Linux skills, should their other skills not be outstanding, will only end up in the server room where they will be giving 24/7-support.

                  The answer to why one wants to hold on to Linux gaming will eventually look as old and boring as that of someone who still loves to write games for the Commodore C64.


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                    Originally posted by sdack View Post
                    Any game developer who still wants to hold on to Linux now not only has to answer to the question "Why not develop your game for Windows?" but also to the question "Why not make your game run on mobile phones?" ...
                    To be quite frank, I would answer with a question -- "Why not simply release said title to all platforms?". The sole reason I can think of -- shorter release cycle. But, in my humble opinion, a longer release cycle wouldn't be all that bad, given the vast majority of junk amongst the more modern titles. Again, not being nostalgic, just being critical about what I spend my money on.


                    • Originally posted by F1esDgSdUTYpm0iy View Post
                      FPS be damned, looks be damned ... Be it wired or wireless
                      I don't know how you define hardcore gamer, I can tell you for sure that people who buy 800$ video cards will not say FPS and looks be damned, you indicate to me that you are not one of those that do, if you did, you wouldn't be saying sutch things

                      and if latency is so important to you, you wouldn't be mentioning the word "wireless" in your message

                      as for networking performance being better in Linux - I did not experience any improvement when I changed from XP to Linux