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    In the process of setting up a new personal blog, to provide even more GNU/Linux hardware information...

    Originally posted by
    After starting the Redblog back up this past September, it is time for yet another expansion. I will now be blogging at, where you will be able to find the latest GNU/Linux hardware information along with more of my personal thoughts. With that said, I will not only be blogging about ATI's performance under Linux but also that of NVIDIA's.

    I will also be blogging other technical information and whatever else comes to mind. Phoronix will stay the same, it will still offer Linux hardware reviews, editorials, and much more. will only serve as an outlet for sharing more of my personal thoughts and other information that is not covered at Phoronix or the Phoronix Forums -- such as passing along pieces of exclusive hardware details and random Linux tips. When the time comes, I will also be passing along information on other ventures I am currently pursuing. Advertising on this site will also be limited.
    Michael Larabel