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It is not so bad on LKML James Bottomley

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  • It is not so bad on LKML James Bottomley I recently noticed that Sarah Sharp resigned publicly from the kernel giving a failure to impose a mandatory code of conduct as the reason and citing interaction problems, mainly on the mailing lists. The net result of this posting, as all these comments demonstrate, is to imply directly that nothing has ever changed. This implication is incredibly annoying, firstly because it is actually untrue, secondly because it does more to discourage participation than the behaviour that is being complained about and finally because it totally disrespects and ignores the efforts of hundreds of people who, over the last decade or so, have been striving to improve all interactions around Linux ? a rather nice irony given that ?respect? is listed as one of the issues for the resignation. I?d just like to remind everyone of the history of these efforts and what the record shows they?ve achieved. The rest is on his blog. Phoronix ignores newline characters so have fun reading this!

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    That was already covered this morning @
    Michael Larabel