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Sarah Sharp Steps Down As Linux Kernel Developer

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    It's interesting seeing the first comments describing Torvalds as a "toxic human being" and "Steve Jobs of Linux". Can you actually back what you're talking about or are you like most people commenting without thinking and just believing and taking for granted everything you read somewhere? Someone (german media theorist Bolz) once said: Indignation is the dignity of idiots. I guess it's true. You're just buying into everything.

    That reminds me of the Mozilla/Eich case. Think of what you want about Eich and his support for Prop 8. But you're a fool if you really believe that is was about that. Eich had a few very good techinical ideas for Firefox. E.g. a mechanism to prove that binaries are build from what source tree exactly, a mechanism to check your binaries. (If you believe actually all your binaries are from the source code and no one ever in history attempted to get something other into the binaries, you're a fool also. Well no, I don't build from source. So maybe I'm also a fool but you for sure are a fool.) Brendan Eich got removed for tech-savvy IT-political reasons. Once this is initiated it's easy to stir up such outrage. If you believe this outrage was "organic" or naturally, well, you're a fool. Today Mozilla is sadly slowly dying on its SJW-suicide. I still use Mozilla, because it's the most free browser out there. But it's marketshare development looks terrible and maybe there is someome missing to take clear directions like Eich. So there you have it.

    Torvalds, although he alreaddy complies to or is pretty much indifferent about most (insecure) stuff RedHat directly or indirectly wants in the kernel, for sure there a lots of people who like to see him go. To have someone "professional" on top of Linux kernel development with whom it would be "easier" to "deal" with. If you didn't know RedHat's No. 1 customer is the US military & Co. (it's just walking a floor down to the NSA). So I guess they like to have some convenience. Someone like Poettering and Sievers of RedHat are just front fron mens for a much uglier reality. However you can see Poettering talking about that systemd is what "RedHat's customers" want. Basically it's plain honest for everyone in sight.

    So. What did Torvalds recently? Maybe nothing, but I guess he is not "helpful" regarging KDBUS. Maybe slowly some folks are getting angry or impatient.

    Ok, now to Sarah Sharp. Someone at Slashdot did some research: And this is how it's started: See for yourself. If you're a lazy person, and don't want to read both links all, well it's your loss. (Both topics thanks to:

    Consider all this. And now consider this: "Another Longtime Linux Developer Looks To Distance Himself From The Kernel Community" (6 October 2015 at 10:30 AM EDT)

    By the way, both Garrett and Sharp are argueing that most development already would be in the hands of corporations are someone working on Linux for a corporation. (see: And both are trying to imply that they would be the advocates for having more indivual and hobbyist developers. Part one is certainly true, that the Linux kernel development is already owned by corporations. Part two, while I'm absolutely for that, but I don't believe that would be the ground for Sharp's and Garrettt's *real* intentions behind it. It's a nice statement for them to have.

    Call me a conspiracy nut. I don't mind. It's terrible seeing today's young people believing everything they read. I was young in the 90s and I absolutely loved the X-Files and the X-Files had this kind of anti-military anti-government-agencies tone to it. At least in a term of "Don't trust them.", "Don't love them." But since the 2000's you cannot come up with something like that anymore. Today you either have totally absolutely 100% crazy stuff (plus anti-Americanism and often anti-Semitism) or you have indifference or you have love for the military and love for the government. But most of all, everybody wants to be "professional" and politically correct. Both things count more today than anything else. And outrage and idignation, yay! That also sells very well.

    It's sad.

    Have a nice day!


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      Originally posted by inhuman4 View Post
      Not surprising.

      Sharp has been the SJW-at-large in the kernel community for years. Remember that is the same lady two tried to rally the blogosphere to attack Linus over something that didn't involve her in the slightest. She also heads up the various groups that keep pushing FOSS groups to spend money on women-only programs like the one that got GNOME in trouble. Shes pushed codes of conduct that amount to little more than tone policing. It seems that she hasn't been getting any traction playing the victim game lately and needed another outburst. Given all the drama surrounding her I think this is a good thing for the kernel development team.

      Hopefully she does less damage over at mesa. iTWire - Female dev's outburst against Torvalds was planned
      Female dev's outburst against Torvalds was planned
      Thank you.


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        Originally posted by kringel View Post
        Someone (german media theorist Bolz) once said: Indignation is the dignity of idiots. I guess it's true. You're just buying into everything.
        I'm sorry. But this coming from the guy who buys into every major anti-systemd paranoia? That's just bloody pathetic!

        Originally posted by linuxcbon View Post
        Kernel development is a very very hard job. Criticism is normal and necessary in that job to have the best code. If you cant stand criticism, stay out of it. It's useless to complain.

        Newsflash: You can criticise someone's work without kicking, without screaming and without debasing the individual. It's called being a professional.
        Of course, Linus hates that very term (by his own admission) so it's kind of pointless.


        Linus not wanting to run "his" endeavour like a (quote) "sterilised, PC, PG13 environment" is fine by me. But then he shouldn't be surprised to find his theatre empty.


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          I was a heavy-duty OS-internals person (back to the Amiga) for a long time (still am, really). I use Linux. I could spend time contributing to the kernel - but I have no wish to deal with that sort of crazy/asshole behavior, even if I could weather it. And while you may argue over whether Linus's comments in this particular case were that egregious, or joking with friends (though he is nasty with people regularly it appears) -- *many*comments here and in other forums from people reacting to this most certainly *are* egregious, and I would hate having to work with (or even know) these people -- and it to a large degree proves her point. I'd hate to think what sort of private communication (and postings to her blog) she's received, not just now but in the past leading to this. It's this sort of crap that helped lead to the huge reduction in women in software/hardware from the days I was in college (like 1/3 as many by %).


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            iTWire? You might as well quote infoworld.
            Together they form the Fox "News" of IT.

            Conservative, uninformed and with Lennart Poettering as their favourite, Obama-esque scapegoat.

            I'm actually waiting for someone to misquote Poettering as saying "If you like your SysVinit, you can keep your SysVinit". SMH


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              Originally posted by unixfan2001 View Post
              Linus not wanting to run "his" endeavour like a (quote) "sterilised, PC, PG13 environment" is fine by me. But then he shouldn't be surprised to find his theatre empty.
              I don't think that's an immediate risk, I think some people probably even enjoy it.


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                Well, blog of this Sarah full of ... fart (literally!!!). And she only approves comments she likes, being afraid to face various views, which can differ from her own. Hrmmph, okay, so it seems someone really lacks decency. And it's not Linux community, somehow. She seems to be way too inclined on "sexist comments" to degree it turned into some insane paranoia. And maybe she fails to notice, but such a nasty attitude isn't pleasant for many others. And if she isn't fond of drama, I wonder why she have to start all this drama instead of just getting lost.

                TBH all this looks like some planned personal attacks by Sarah or so.


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                    This post by Linus from 2013 in the LKML beautifully explains the whole thing:
                    I fully agree with Linus on this one.


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                      Some people seem to have a moral confusion in regards to how Linus runs the LKML. First, Linus does not owe anything to anybody. He invented Linux, he very generously released it as open source / free software, and now maintains the "official" branch. He is free to run the official branch of Linux development as he pleases, and adopt the management style he thinks works best. Official maintainers that work with him do so voluntarily, they are not forced nor obliged to do it. If they agree to work with him, they agree to do so under his management style.
                      If any developer does not agree, is completely free to leave as Sarah did, and as others did. They are also completely free to fork the kernel and run the branch as they wish.
                      Linus does not have any obligation to maintain "diversity" in the group of developers he allows to submit code to the kernel, nor has any obligation to be polite or "professional" to avoid offending people. It seems he is only concerned with the quality of the code in question, at least his view of what is quality code, as seems not to be concerned by any other characteristic of a developer/submitter apart from the quality of her/his code.
                      I fully support Linus and even if I find his style a little bit harsh, he has all the right in the world to be like that, and it seems to work quite well given how well Linux works today.