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Thoughts on a particular 4k monitor you want?

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  • Thoughts on a particular 4k monitor you want?

    In the next few weeks I hope to buy a new 4K monitor to expand on the 4K testing with having another display to use for benchmarking... But wanted to ask (primarily Premium) Phoronix readers if there's any particular 4k monitor you want to see tested/reviewed on Phoronix? Would be aiming for a lower-end display as in less than $500 USD, but figured I'd post to see if there were any displays of particular interest. Thanks!

    Michael Larabel

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    I haven't looked at the prices, but the monitors that interest me the most are those with Gsync and Freesync. If this were a Windows site, I'd say one with Gsync, but as it's not I'm more interested in AMD cards and therefore I'd prefer to see Freesync monitors.