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looking for an effective QMS software

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  • looking for an effective QMS software

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an effective mobile quality management software, can you suggest any? I'm looking for a mobile QMS that pares down the full software version into a simplified format that?s easy to access, view and work in from a mobile device. I also need something that ha offline capabilities since I will always be onsite. Any suggestions/ recommendations are welcome. TIA!

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    Have you heard of ETQ? We recently hired their services for their food safety management software. I believe they also have quality system management software available.


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      I think I've heard of them. We use their risk management software as well. It makes sense to choose them since we already use one of their products. Maybe we can get a discount lol


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        Hey.. I am using the QMS through uniPoint mobile . Its very user friendly and can use in any android/ ios devices. All the modules are available in mobile version. It allows us to perform time based inspections and the records can be create instantly. The mobile version really reduced my work burden and it enables me to analyse the work from wherever I am going. If you are interested, uniPoint would be a good option.


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          Thanks for your suggestions guys and I'm really sorry for the late response. Been quite busy working these past months.

          In case you wanted an update, we went with Verse Solutions in March. It was recommended by one of the off site techs and so far I haven't encountered any issues. We're also using one of their other software for tracking files, etc.