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  • Bootstrap 4 is Coming!

    Bootstrap is a web responsive CSS and javascript framework that powers twitter and countless other web sites on the interweb, and bootstrap's website is now showing that bootstrap 4 is coming! Bootstrap was first developed in house at Twitter, as a way to keep their sites responsive and consistent. It was open sourced a few years ago, and it has become one of the most popular open source web frameworks.

    It is currently in alpha state, but the developers hope to have bootstrap 4 released with improved documentation while maintaining bootstrap 4. The announcement said that in the past, when bootstrap has updated to newer versions, developers dropped support of old versions. With bootstrap 4, developers will still maintain bootstrap 3, which is good news for any web developer out there!

    Among the changes for this critical piece of open source software are dropped support of IE8, opt-in CSS flux-box support, improved grid system, and panels have been replaced with cards. There's numerous other changes as well, so be sure to check out the link if you want to know more.
    Official blog for the Bootstrap framework.

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    Never used them anyway. The font-awesome library is far superior.


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      Bootstrap is much more than a web based font library. If you write a web page using bootstrap, then it will scale well on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, in all major browsers.